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Love Involves Family Everyday, Inc. (LIFE) offers a range of programs and projects to support families in developing lifelong character and resilience. Our programs and projects include tailored activities and expert-led training to meet the unique needs of each family member.

Food Bank

Many families are dealing with food insecurities at this time. That is why LIFE offers two opportunities each week for families to come and pick up large food boxes. There are no limitations to how many times community members can get food. We are here to assist. 

Health and Wellness Clinic

We are excited to announce that our wellness center is currently under construction and is set to launch in 2024. We are looking for partners to help us build and launch a successful health and wellness clinic. Please contact us for more information.


Youth ages 18 and older have a different set of pressures than school-age children. They need to learn how to navigate the culture in a happy, whole, and respectful manner. Every second Friday, our young adult facilitators show them how to do just that.


The culture of latch key children is not like it  was years ago. The dangers lurking in and around the homes of unattended children are perilous. 

We have a safe place for your children to come every day after school.


WOW Summer Camp is meant to be a safe place for children to spend the day during summer break. They not only have fun with weekly field trips, but also learn English and Math enrichment and character-building strategies to take with them into the following school year. 

Volunteer Opportunities/Partnerships

We offer volunteer opportunities and also partner with other organizations to expand our reach and impact in promoting lifelong character development.  


Is your child having difficulties with academic subjects such as math and reading? LIFE, Inc has teachers and tutors on staff to assist your students with achieving grade level status.

Glad Girls & Just Boys

Sometimes children just need a place to gather and talk about tough...and not so tough subjects. Sometimes they just want to go on a field trip and learn something new. Let us help your child navigate these crucial developmental years in a successful manner.

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